JULY 03, 2021

Dear reader,

i consider it a privilege to be in the midst of your day, and thank you for devoting time and attention to this message.

i am a publicist working at the intersection of the fields of music, sound, visual, and performing arts. through my company, i promote and facilitate the development of projects in collaboration with cultural producers and artists who resist the atomization of culture and, through sustained inquiry and creative research endeavor to enrich the public sphere.

another part of what i spend time working on is an alternative language i can use to think and talk about our societies. 
it all amounts to a new frame. looking through this frame out at the world, and inward at myself, has prompted many thoughts, one of which concerns confronting just this process of watching the taken for granted become (retrospectively) reckless. after a period of observation of the human world as it goes, this realization leads to an ambivalent feeling: a mixture of guilt and will to unravel the thread of all the casualties we are currently witnessing.

lemony t gordon looks at where post-capitalist desires are being produced by contemporary life. language, gestures, or private rituals are themes present in everyone’s lives and become popular illustrations. we, as individuals, internalize these and make the collective consciousness a reality - we reaffirm and reproduce it by living in ways that reflect it.

there is an enhanced sense of both urgency and impotence about things, and it cuts deep in society. 

the video “rz piscium is an insatiable eater of worlds” is a visual commentary on the current capitalist hangover. it points at the cultural expressions of this exhaustion, and its emotional dimensions: the feelings of complicity, revulsion, and excitement increasingly common across the political spectrum, where everything seems to be a bad joke and makes us feel guilty.

In anticipation