Anatomy of a Gossip

Film: 05:00 min

sound & color

Italy, 2021

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A group of friends was asked to sit in a circle and pass a message to each other without revealing it aloud. Anatomy of a Gossip subjects the audience to a sequence of footage taken during a social experiment. The experiment concluded with the participants not remembering the first version of the message.


The project’s audio-visual semantic explores the tension between ideology, humanity and how we communicate within our means and communities. It asks: how do we experience, organize and agree on the reality we perceive in the overflow of data, placed as both the recipients and the creators of a multiplicity of interpretations?

Sonically, the project traces a parallel between the subjective nature of noise (what is noise to some - perceived as intrusive, unwanted, or inadequate - can be meaningful to others) and the transmission of information conveyed in an evaluative manner.


The use of power electronics to sonically translate the project's concept sets a symbolic relation to the infrastructure supporting today’s human communication - where information is often incomplete, or precarious; it points to the ambiguity and the junctures at which a multiplicity of interpretations are presented but where no unifying perspective endures.



Anatomy of a gossip is a space to ruminate on the complexity of how individual and collective world-views emerge, dissolve, and adapt; our biology and technology add more layers of complexity to the processes through which we communicate. It also takes a critical look at how stories bring together people who have a shared perception of the world and how this often establishes a line between insiders and outsiders.


The installation part of the project places the visitors as witnesses of the transmission of the ‘message' between the participants of the experiment, without the possibility to take part in it. The documentation exercise leaves open a doorway to the audience to feel intimately connected to the real event. 


Special thanks to ​experiment participants Pierre Dimitri Meka, Ilenia Orciuoli, Arnelle Nonon, Donato David D’Alessio, Francesca Penna, Gerardo D’Arco

Sound by Colin Tobelem